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2 thoughts on “POLL

  1. Reading your blog post, especially about self bullying made me think of a yoga teaching from one of my classes. My yoga instructor is reading spiritual books at the end of each class and always with a self love message.
    I think you should do a one month of mental diet. What that means, is for one month no negative thoughts of any kind. First 2 days write down all the negative thoughts you have to make you realize how many there actually are. (you may have already done this step) then for the rest of the month remove negative thoughts from your mental diet. We go on diets for our bodies all the time. No dairy, no wheat, no carbs, no fat etc.. etc… But our minds need a diet too. Anyway just a thought. It’d love to read your blogs around that kind of topic. It may help you as well with the journey your currently one. Good luck and great blog. All the best. Agnes.

    • Thanks for the suggestion! I’ve never heard of that, but I’ll definitely try it. I’ve always found it difficult to moderate my own thoughts. So, we’ll see… Haha

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