New Adventures

I’m challenging myself to say “yes” to new adventures to attempt to make up for the past five years I let slip away after my accident. Now, I’m not talking crazy things here, but I am going to try one new experience per week (at least) that I’ve never done before. I think that the only way to truly know yourself is to put yourself outside your comfort zone, so, I’m expecting this is going to push me way outside. I’m definitely open to suggestions.

1. 1/1/2014: Watched a winter sunrise over the Atlantic for the first time of 2014 in Atlantic City, NJ (

2. 1/14/2014: Made entire meal by myself (


Ideas for future adventures:

– Complete a blogging challenge (Zero to Hero – in progress)
– Cook an entire meal by myself
– Participate in a flash mob
– Tell a story through photographs (a story of beauty)
– Make a vlog entry
– Move to California by the end of the year
– Try something I know I’ll fail
– Post a story on my blog
– Plant a tree
– Don’t speak for an entire day, maybe more?
– Complete a poetry challenge
– Don’t watch tv for a week
– Write down the things I want to let go and light them on fire
– Do an art project I find on Pinterest
– Complete an adventure that someone else suggests
– Try geocaching
– Join a club (book club, or special interest)
– Speed dating

Oh, so, yeah, I’m looking for suggestions…


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