Roundup 2/13/14

1. Dallas Sportcaster’s Shocking Response to Michael Sam Coming Out as Gay:
When I saw this headline, I have to admit I expected this to be a much different video. I was pleasantly surprised. I could not respect what Dale Hansen says in this video more. The NFL is littered with domestic abusers, rapists, drunk drivers, druggies, murders, and frequenters of prostitution (alleged and convicted alike), but gay men is where they draw the line? It’s ridiculous. Being gay is not illegal; all of those other things? Very illegal!

Having gone to Penn State (main campus) for 2 years, I witnessed first hand the way the football players were accommodated. They rarely turned up for class, got premium, free housing, and breezed through their academics. It was disgusting.

Professional athletes are worse examples to our youth than rockstars in some cases, but young boys are raised by their fathers to worship at the temple of Sunday night football. These athletes carry themselves with an untouchable attitude that stems from being handed everything and pandered to for their physical abilities. They make an obscene amount more than people who actually contribute to society. How is that right?

We should be celebrating people who do good in the world, pursue intellectual advancement, and set a better example for our youth. The army no longer enforces don’t ask don’t tell and they’re doing just fine. Homosexuals can defend our nation, but they can’t kick a ball across a field? Also, doesn’t keeping homosexuals out of the NFL constitute workplace discrimination?

2. This is what I woke up to this morning… I hate winter.

About 30 minutes from my house...

About 30 minutes from my house…

3. Horrible news out of Belgium: This is unbelievable. Belgium’s parliament voted through child euthanasia without an age limit. To be honest, I wasn’t aware that euthanasia was legal there and in the Netherlands for “adults” over the age of 12, but children? Leaving that decision to a child seems highly unethical.

4. “It hurts when I backup and go ‘beep beep beep’…” A funny video after all of this seriousness. 🙂